Hassel free COVID test booking
Schedule a COVID test online, and we take care of the rest. No need to find a Physician to write a script or search for labs that perform COVID tests.
How it works
Provide Information
You can schedule a test for one or more by adding their personal information. You pay for the service online, so no need to pay the Physican and Lab separately.
We route your request to a Physician that can write a Script for a lab to perform the test.
Medical Lab
You can walk into a Lab and schedule your test. Upon receiving your results, we will email your results back to you. In addition, Physicans will call you if your report warrants a conversation.
Make an appointment at your own time.
Fast and accuareate booking.
About us
Many airlines require you to show a negative COVID‑19 PCR test 96 hours before departure and bring the certificate to check‑in. This includes passengers connecting in Dubai from certain destinations. Our services can be used to meet this requirement.
COVID-19 test results could be required by your School, College, and Univerity before you are allowed to join in-person. Students and parent/guardian of the child can use our services to avoid delays.
Employers may ask you to provide a COVID-19 test result or healthcare provider's note to validate your health in order to take sick days or to return to work. We offer you timely results to present to your Employer.
Frequently asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Our cost, which includes creating a request, getting Physician scripts, scheduling lab tests is $200. This includes Physician fees and Lab costs.

How quickly can I schedule my test?

Our goal is to have fast turnaround time. You can view the lab turnaround time for the different labs as part of the request. You can select labs based on their hours of operation and turnaround time.

Which Cities and States do you support?

We are constantly adding more Physicians and Labs to our portal. As of now, we support New York and New Jersey states.